Angulan Knights

The Angulan Knights are an order dedicated to the advancement of humanity as a race. They not only ignore local governments, class distinctions, and religious differences, they abhor those things. Angulan Knights feel empowered to right wrongs, pass judgments, and see justice done, and few stand in their way.

A woman named Angule founded the order more than 350 years ago, and her teachings have spread such that at least 800 knights now roam the Steadfast. More than a century ago, the knights made a pact with Thuquera, known as the Great Drake, whom all xi-drakes revere. Today, the knighthood and the xi-drakes work together in their duties.


The Angulan Knights have no centralized leadership. Instead, members advance through a series of thirteen ranks until they achieve the title Grand Knight, the highest one can rise. There is no limit to the number of Grand Knights the order can have. The ranks are: Red Devotee, Blue Devotee, Black Devotee, Knight Seeker, Knight Avenger, Knight Defender, Knight Marshall, Knight Justice, Knight Commander, Master Knight, Knight Consul, Lord Knight, and Grand Knight.

The knights have the blessing and support of the Order of Truth, and even Aeon Priests outside the order give them respect and aid if need be. However, the knights, true to their charter, do not afford the priests any special treatment. Many people mistakenly believe that the two groups are officially related or that he knighthood answers to the Amber Pope, but neither is true. Once inducted into the knighthood in the Sanctuary of the Eye in Ghan, the order’s central base of operations, a knight is charged to go out into the world and enforce the charter.

Angulans typically despise mutants in any form and swiftly root them out, putting them to the sword. They don’t care for visitants, either, but suffer them to live if the creatures do not directly oppose the knights.

Angulan Knights

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