A broad, fertile, and peaceful land, Ancuan is blessed on many fronts. Its rolling hills teem with bountiful herds of animals, its fields flow with produce and grains, and its long shorelines offer fish and other valuable commodities. Of course, Ancuan is not without its troubles. Pirates ply the shorelines, preying on coastal trading vessels. Bandit raiders threaten villages. Sathosh and chirog roam the countryside.


King Asour-Mantir rules from a castle of stronglass 20 miles outside the city of Glavis. Tradition dictates that no one other than his immediate household and guard live within a radius of 10 miles, so the Transparent Palace, as it is called, stands alone in a sprawling, rocky field. The king’s extended family is large, the product of two noble houses joined in permanent alliance to ensure the stability of the land. Members of the Blue Legion, his royal guard, are renowned for their skill as archers.

The people of Ancuan are independent and self-suffiecient, relying on their king for little. They make their way as sailors, fishers, arron farmers, yol herders, and salt miners.


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