Simul Acrum

A weird jack who awakens dreams.


Simul Acrum is a powerful oneiromancer with a penchant for the weird. His ability to enter the dreamworld at will may put others ill at ease, but he is actually a good natured young man with ambitions to strengthen his craft and make a name for himself as an adventurer. His lack of social graces is not helped by a curious side affect of his dream powers. When in a dream state, whichever eye (or eyes) Simul uses to see in the “land of nod” turns a vibrant shade of orange. This sharp contrast to his blue eyes that see in this world sometimes leads strangers to conclude that the young Jack is a mutant. Weird though he may be, Simul is no mutant. Just a very odd human who prefers to spend his waking hours half asleep in a very literal sense. In order to avoid unnecessary confrontations, Simul tends to keep the hood of his blue pearl cloak drawn over his face to conceal his heterochromatic eyes.


Simul Acrum

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