Parvel Sinclair

A young Yol herder from Rual


Parvel Sinclair is a young Yol herder from Rual. He is skittish fellow and very unobservant. Not well suited for the road or such a long arduous journey. It is unclear why his people entrusted him with such a task given his delicate nature. He is clean shaven and well groomed, though his clothes are worn and handmade – probably the handiwork of his mother whom he speaks of often and with great esteem.



Parvel Sinclair is a 16 year-old Yol herder from Rual. He was sent to Glavis to deliver a message to the King of Ancuan, urging military reinforcements be sent to aid the people of Rual in a war with Bayhaven. According to Parvel, Bayhaven is a community of mutants and “creatures” that has been attacking his homeland. Crops have been burned, famine induced, and many have perished during such attacks. However, Parvel has never seen these attackers with his own eyes. He claims his mother and other members of his community can bare witness and pleads that the party comes with him in order to investigate the matter further.

Parvel Sinclair

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