A jovial speaker who works the system.


Darpan is a happy-go-lucky fellow with a personality that is impossible to forget. He is most famous for his skills as a chef and for inventing the Tinker Tasty – a portable meal eaten by engineers and travelers because of its portability and delicious meld of flavors. Darpan, however has skills that extend far beyond the kitchen. His wit is without equal, and there is no puzzle or riddle that he cannot solve. He also has an uncanny talent for technology and has often been seen muttering to or carrying full on conversations with machines. Though he looks a bit mad at these instances, Darpan is an ingenious hacker and technophile so perhaps more people should attempt to consort with the numenera in a similar fashion. Regardless of the situation, Darpan is sure to be of assistance. If he’s not falling asleep at the stove or mourning the loss of his true love at the bottom of a bottle.



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